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    الثلاثاء، 23 سبتمبر 2014

    Dyes and Dyeing Glossary

    Dyes and Dyeing Glossary
    A Glossary of Terms for Materials and Processes in Textile Dyeing for Artists

    This is a sort of cyclopedic glossary, containing a bit more information than the typical
    glossary. It is not intended to provide enough information by itself to serve as a guide
    for dyeing. Terms have been included here because they may appear in dyeing
    literature, and may be hard to find in ordinary dictionaries. Many chemical terms are
    included for this reason.
    Most multi-word terms appear alphabetized according to the first word. Some,
    mostly those that may be unfamiliar, appear alphabetized based on the word
    considered by the author to be most significant. Starting with Revision 3, because of the
    growing size, some terms that appeared only for cross-referencing have been omitted.
    Try looking for terms with the same or similar terms in different order. For example,
    “strong acid” has been deleted, and only “acid, strong” remains. Similarly, some
    abbreviated forms have been omitted if they would appear immediately next to the long
    form. For example “thiox” has been deleted, since it immediately followed “thiourea
    dioxide”. The search feature in Acrobat® Reader can be helpful when viewing the PDF.
    Some terms are described a being used in North America or in Britain. I apologize to
    those in other countries for not being able to cite appropriate usage.
    Some terms included here may have quite different meanings outside the realm of
    textiles and dyeing.

    هذا الكتاب يستعرض تعريف لكافة المصطلحات المستخدمة في طباعة المنسوجات    

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