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    الأربعاء، 1 أكتوبر 2014

    Screen Printing Booklet

    Screen Printing Booklet

    Learn how to Screen Print. Screen printing is done all over the world by very large
    printing companies right down to the guy who does it at home in his basement.
    Screen printing was first discovered by the Chinese hundreds of years ago. It is a
    very simple process that anyone can do. The Chinese first used silk to use in there
    wood frames to print with, then as time went on better material was made to
    print with.
    We hope you enjoy this small booklet, it was thrown together very quickly for
    Creative Science and Research as a help for there customers. If you would like to
    learn more. your local library will have more information or any local art store.
    many books have been written on this subject or see www.Silkscreenbiz.com
    www.ryanrss.com or signindustry.com

    هذا الكتاب الممتع الذي بين أيديكم يشرح عملية الطباعة علي الملابس بطريقة الشاشة الحريرية بطريقة مفصلة سهلة وبسيطة
    يشرح طباعة سلك سكرين بالصور والخطوات بالترتيب ويستعرض أيضا كل الأدوات المستخدمة

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