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    الجمعة، 26 سبتمبر 2014



    Silk is no longer used for Screen Printing. Today most screens are either Polyester Monofilament or Multifilament Polyester. The Monofilament mesh size is indicated with a number such as 80, 120, or 140. Multifilament mesh size is rated as 8XX, 12XX, or 14XX. The 80 and 8XX refer to the same screen size, as does the 120 with the 12XX and so on and so forth. A larger number means the mesh will be finer, or more threads per inch. The finer the mesh, the more crisp the details. However, this can also limit the amount of ink that goes through if your inks particles are bigger than the holes of the mesh. If the ink particles are too big for your mesh, it can cause your screen to get clogged.
    The wider meshed screen fabric allows much more ink to pass through, however, it is limited by the lack of detail that can be achieved.
    We carry screens pre-stretched with a Multifilament Polyester mesh that sits pretty much in the middle of the road. It has a mesh wide enough to allow the ink to pass through, yet small enough to hold an adequate amount of detail.

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